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Una lama di luce (2013) [DVD9 PAL]

Taken from A Blade of Light

Directed by: Alberto Sironi

Written by: Andrea Camilleri, Francesco Bruni, Salvatore De Mola

Original title Inspector Montalbano

Country Italy

Year 1999 – in production

TV series format

Yellow, detective genre

Seasons 15

Episodes 37

Duration 100 min (episode)

Original language Italian, Sicilian

16: 9 ratio

Creator Andrea Camilleri

Interpreters and characters

Luca Zingaretti: Salvo Montalbano

Cesare Bocci: Mimì Augello

Peppino Mazzotta: Giuseppe Fazio

Angelo Russo: Agatino Catarella

Isabell Sollman: Ingrid Sjöström

Davide Lo Verde: Galluzzo

Marcello Perracchio: Dr. Pasquano

Roberto Nobile: Nicolò Zito

Katharina Böhm: Livia Burlando (st. 1-8)

Lina Perned: Livia Burlando (st. 9)

Sonia Bergamasco: Livia Burlando (st.10+)

Other performers: Lina Perned (Livia Burlando), Dajana Roncione (Valeria Bonifacio), Valentina Reggio (Loredana Di Marta), Hamza Choukri (François)

From the interview with Camilleri himself, aired before the episode (as well as in the other three previous episodes of this 2013 series), the author reveals that a fundamental character who moves on the scene in the book was not included in the film to make Montalbano , following the trend already begun in the previous series, the most human, humble and sensitive and to ensure that its vicissitudes, increasingly resemble those of normal people. In this case, the writer suggests that an event will happen to Montalbano that will destabilize him a lot, as never happened to him in previous episodes. It is very likely that the writer refers to the absence of the character of Maria Angela, Marian, the beautiful owner of an art gallery in Vigata for whom the inspector, in the novel, feels a very serious attraction, so much so that he question his relationship with his eternal girlfriend Livia.

Audio: Italian Dolby Digital 2.0

Subtitles: Italian for the hearing impaired

Inspector Montalbano has another strange dream: in the middle of a vast field, there is a coffin with a corpse. Agent Catarella, mumbling things in Latin, calls him to make him recognize the body, which will turn out to be that of Commissioner Bonetti Alderighi. When he arrives at the police station, he is presented with the two cases to be solved. The first case concerns an alleged robbery suffered by Mrs. Loredana Di Marta; her husband goes to the police station in his stead to file a complaint, but some details don’t seem to fit. By questioning the friend of the alleged victim, Valeria Bonifacio, one senses that the two women are plotting something and strange loves emerge, and old and new lovers of Di Marta herself, but all the evidence fits her husband instead. The second case concerns the complaint of an elderly farmer who found his disused stable closed with strange doors and windows, works not commissioned by him or carried out by the two factors of Tunisian origin that the elderly man uses. Going to the place, the inspector finds a different scene, where there is no confirmation with what was declared by the elderly. Looking around, however, there are signs of recent activity and a large arsenal. Montalbano has the residues found sent to the anti-terrorism nucleus but, despite being ordered to give up, the commissioner will conduct a small parallel investigation, which is likely to skip because a third Tunisian, hitherto hidden from the others, recognizes him. In the meantime, the commissioner also has to face a strong crisis of anxiety that assails his partner Livia, who begins to experience strange burdens and anguish. When the hope of getting over that moment begins to grow strong, all their fears will come true.

Una lama di luce (2013) [DVD9Download Torrent Magnet

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