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Un covo di vipere (2017) [DVD9 PAL]

Taken from A den of vipers

Directed by: Alberto Sironi.

Written by: Andrea Camilleri, Francesco Bruni, Salvatore De Mola, Leonardo Marini

Original title Inspector Montalbano

Country Italy

Year 1999 – in production

TV series format

Yellow, detective genre

Seasons 15

Episodes 37

Duration 100 min (episode)

Original language Italian, Sicilian

Ratio 16: 9

Creator Andrea Camilleri

Interpreters and characters

Luca Zingaretti: Salvo Montalbano

Cesare Bocci: Mimì Augello

Peppino Mazzotta: Giuseppe Fazio

Angelo Russo: Agatino Catarella

Isabell Sollman: Ingrid Sjöström

Davide Lo Verde: Galluzzo

Marcello Perracchio: Dr. Pasquano

Roberto Nobile: Nicolò Zito

Katharina Böhm: Livia Burlando (st. 1-8)

Lina Perned: Livia Burlando (st. 9)

Sonia Bergamasco: Livia Burlando (st.10+)

Other performers: Sonia Bergamasco (Livia Burlando), Alessandro Haber (Camastra), Valentina Lodovini (Giovanna Pusateri), Marcello Mazzarella (Cosimo Barletta), Giovanni Visentin (Judge Tommaseo)

Audio: Italian Dolby Digital 2.0

Subtitles: Italian for the hearing impaired

The entrepreneur Cosimo Barletta is killed by a gunshot to the head while he is having his morning breakfast in his cottage by the sea. During the investigations, about twenty envelopes are discovered containing photographs of young naked girls taken during relationships with Barletta. The victim was also a well-known loan shark and had many enemies in Vigata. The results of the autopsy on the body are a real twist: Barletta was actually poisoned with a powerful medicine dissolved in coffee, while the shot took place at a later time. Montalbano senses that the crime was committed by two different killers, who acted almost simultaneously but without each other’s knowledge. Initially, the investigations focus on the girls blackmailed by the victim, who, however, all have unassailable alibis. In the last month, however, Barletta had fallen in love with a new girl, to whom he had promised a large sum of money, a house and was about – on the morning of the murder – to modify his will, to allocate all the own belongings. Montalbano will finally discover that the gunshot was exploded by Arturo Barletta, the disinherited son of the victim with serious financial problems, while the poisoning was caused by his daughter Giovanna, who for some time had an incestuous relationship with her father and was therefore jealous of her new girlfriend. , besides fearful of losing a large part of the inheritance too. Confirming the suspicions, the vagabond Camastra, who became a friend of Montalbano and Livia, who discover that the old man, too cultured and refined to be a simple homeless man, was once a famous surgeon who fell from grace after the death of a patient, says of having witnessed the suicide of Barletta’s wife, who threw herself into the sea after discovering the affair between her husband and daughter. Shortly before the arrest, Giovanna commits suicide with the same poison used for her father and leaving a letter.

Un covo di vipere (2017) [DVDDownload Torrent Magnet

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