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Torrent []Gandii Baat S04 [E01-05] 1080P WEBRiP[]

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  • Genre Crime ,
    Drama ,
  • Director n ,
  • Stars Vikas Verma ,
    Neetha Shetty ,
    Mrinalini Tyagi…
  • Languages Hindi
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    Relationships, over time, have become complicated or maybe they were never that simple as they seem. These stories will make you see that whether you are in rural or urban India, sex is a factor which will affect you at every level. Because desires can be brutal and no matter where you are and what you do, your desires can change your fate. In these stories you will see how people from rural India are deeply affected by their dark fantasies. And it’s not just men, but even rural women going to any extent for the sake of sex – including heinous crimes as well. This is a show which will make your heart, and more, throb a lot faster.

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