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The Salvager S01 Episodes 11-15

Expert craftsman Rico Daniels has a passion for recycling items instead of letting them go to waste. He heads to salvage yards in search of raw materials that he can transform into remarkable pieces of furniture.


Rico takes an old galvanised water tank and two 1950’s fire extinguishers into the 21st century when he turns them into a TV/DVD entertainment unit.


Using an iron street grid, fence posts and a Victorian trolley, Rico creates a low coffee table – and a wooden tripod forms the base of a daring lamp.


Salvage expert Rico Daniels strips back a broken down old sofa and rebuilds it with wood to form a fantastic conservatory chair.


After gutting an old harmonium to create a computer cabinet, Rico cuts down an old church pew to form the perfect chair to accompany it.


Floorboards are the basis of this simple corner unit design, but Rico adds an element of style by using an old saw blade as a decorative motif.

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The Salvager S01 E11-E15 WEBRDownload Torrent Magnet

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