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The Bourne Series is a fantastic movie experience to enjoy thats fer shure. I’m referring most of all to “The Bourne Supremacy” and next
the Bourne identity” as the best of the popular Bourne Series movies, followed by The Bourne Ultimatum, as all of those to begin with

starred the favourite of audiences by far, Matt Damon and the loveliest Ms. Julia stiles in two of those episodes. What a dear gal

Great action, CIA conspiracy linked script and brilliant overall writing by Robert Ludlum expertly acted out by those concerned

with those earlier episodes.

The episode here “The Bourne Legacy: isn’t quite the same genre of storytelling or casting and acting at all, and even the choice

of director made Matt Damon pass on this episode as his own choice to keep things as they were was overruled in favour of

industry backroom acting types pulling the strings it would seem.

Its here if you want all of the “Bourne Series” however you could well pass on this episode and not miss too much except it still
beats much of what is shit out there in today’s market yet by relative comparison

I would think in saying this movie would still be worth a take on that account ultimately too – why not?

As to the earlier episodes to this series starring Matt Damon and the dear gal Ms. Julia Stiles here too, whom we Iove so

uniquely in our world everywhere and who plays “Nicky” to my own way of mind in “The Bourne supremacy”. These special 2160p
SDR conversions are dedicated to her in hopes she gets over her being shaken up clearly in her unfortunate encounter with a desperate
“Jason Bourne” who’s trying to did out why the CIA might be out to “get him” We do have his full series posted here in 1080p too including
a 20GB ENG-ITA 2CD 1080p bluray versions if your bluray player doesn’t do 2160p yet

Thanks for seeding this great movie pick – great quality entertainment eh!

Michael Rizzo Chessman


The Bourne Legacy (2012) 2160Download Torrent Magnet

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