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Paolo Conte – Via Con Me (2020) [DVD9 PAL]

Actors: Paolo Conte

Production year: 2020

Duration: 100

Area: Area 2 (Europe / Japan)

Color: Colors

Country: ITA

Tv system: Pal

Original title: Paolo Conte, Via Con Me

From his beginnings as a vibraphonist to falling in love with jazz, the trombone, the piano, up to the songs first written for others and then for himself, overcoming the modesty of interpreting them. And then the friendships of a lifetime, the unexpected favor obtained in France and then on tour in theaters all over the world: an overview of over five decades of Paolo Conte’s activity.

Probably the most reserved singer-songwriter of Italian music for the first time gives himself in favor of the car, not to show off but to talk about music (“I’m just the advocate for the identity of my songs”), which, however, at times it also leads to opening up to unexpected intimate memories, such as when he evokes the maternal empathy regarding “Azzurro” or claims the greatness of his friend Enzo Jannacci.

That said, the most evident of the many qualities of the film is knowing how to finely grasp the relationship between Conte’s discography – not by chance also a painter, as the Razmataz project demonstrates – and the cinematographic language. A widely reciprocated love, a close relationship, which not surprisingly captivated a large audience with words of splendid ambiguity, evocations of smoky night clubs and dance halls, “the sensuality of desperate lives”, the province that becomes a world.

An imaginary that also comes through the faces of Popeye, the fireworks of the orchestra, while he, the gray, swings at the Steinway, between kazoo solos and liberating scat, like the famous one that gives the title to the film . Creator of worlds, Conte gives the illusion of living other lives, spaces and occasions, between dreamed loves and swallowed bitters. Whether it is the instrumental part of Max or the piano tour of “Via con me”, a magic that with its refined and twentieth-century language and its rough and sly charm has captivated many.

Verdelli does not limit himself, as often happens in productions of this kind, to accumulating shreds of nostalgia but goes deep into the nature of his object of investigation, going beyond what has already been said. See, to believe, the two refined portraits Pino Daniele – Time will remain (2017, awarded with the Silver Ribbon) and Mia Martini – Make me feel beautiful (2019). If anything, it finds, thanks above all to the RAI archive, topical moments such as the “clash” between Benigni and Conte at the Tenco Award, the “betrayal” of “Via con me” (formerly the soundtrack of Tu mi turbi by Roberto Benigni) by Dalla and De Gregori and the authorized, electrified one of Marlene Kuntz of “Alle Griffin with a Green Milonga”, the duet – the only one – with Jane Birkin (“Paolo Conte is sexy, that’s why the French love him”), Patrice Leconte who approaches him to Marcello Mastroianni.

Paolo Conte – Via Con Me (202Download Torrent Magnet

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