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Discovery Channel is setting out on a real-life treasure hunt in the new local production, Outback Opal Hunters. Heading to Lightning Ridge (NSW), Opalton (QLD), and opal mecca, Coober Pedy (SA), the series follows crews of fearless opal miners on their mission to unearth a fortune in some of Australia’s harshest and remote landscapes.

The stakes are real as these crews risk it all in their quest to strike it rich. Outback Opal Hunters is a rollercoaster of hope and heartbreak as we delve deep inside the world of opal mining to find out just what it is that has our crews hooked on the hunt.

Australia produces more than 90% of the world’s opals. Hidden beneath outback desert plains lies a hidden bounty, 30 million years in the making, waiting to be discovered. Opals are one of the most valuable gemstones on the planet – one stone alone can fetch a million dollars – and it’s the dream of striking it rich that drives these crews to push their bodies and bank accounts to breaking point.

Season 6 – Episode 12


It’s the last week of the season. Sweltering heat forces ‘The Bushmen’ to hire a rookie miner. ‘The Cheals’ battle blowouts above ground and disappointment below. ‘The Opal Whisperers’ are chasing big money to fulfil a family legacy, and one team will unearth the biggest find we’ve ever seen.

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