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Non predicare…spara! (1971) [DVD5 PAL]

Original title: Buck and the preacher

Genre: Western

Year: 1971

Director: Sidney Poitier

Actors: Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte, Ruby Dee, Cameron Mitchell, Denny Miller, Nita Talbot, John Kelly, Tony Brubaker, James McEachin, Clarence Muse, Julie Robinson, Enrique Lucero, Kenneth Menard, Dennis Hines

Country: USA

Duration: 105 min



Screenplay: Ernest Kinoy

Photography: Álex Phillips Jr.

Editing: Pembroke J. Herring

Music: Benny Carter

Language: Italian English French Spanish German

Subtitles: Italian English Arabic Czech Danish Hebrew Finnish French Greek Hindi Norwegian Dutch Polish Portuguese Spanish Swedish German Turkish Hungarian

After the Civil War, former black sergeant Buck earns his living by driving ex-Negro slaves out of Louisiana through Indian territories to more hospitable lands. Gathered in caravans, however, they suffer the ferocious assaults of a group of Southerners, determined to prevent their emigration. After another such massacre, after which the few survivors are left without money (the racists have taken possession of it), Buck decides to react. Aided by the “Reverend” – an adventurer of his kind, who passes himself off as a preacher -, the ex-sergeant swoops down on the Southern massacres, decimating them: he recovers almost all the stolen money, and obtains the rest by robbing a bank. He then runs away, together with his partner, while other racists are launched on their tracks. Aided by the Indians, however, Buck and the Reverend manage to get the better of their enemies by killing many and forcing the others to retreat.

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