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MotoGP 2021 – Round 04 – SpanishGP – FP4, Q1 & Q2 (1080p50 DornaRip HEVC AAC x265-deef)

Red Bull Spanish Grand Prix: MotoGP FP4, Q1 & Q2, Moto2 Q1 & Q2, Moto3 Q1 & Q2 & MotoE E-Pole

Steve Day, Matt Birt and Simon Crafar guide you through proceedings as the final two spots in Q2 are handed out

*note: check .txt file in torrent if you are struggling to play HEVC files on your device.


Unique ID 122196751020597524966428269338282613182 (0x5BEE3CFA00B7AB9F6959FE03585ED9BE)

Complete name MotoGP 2021 – Round 04 – SpanishGP – FP4, Q1 & Q2 (1080p50 DornaRip HEVC AAC x265-deef)01. Red Bull Spanish Grand Prix Moto3 Q1 (551mb 1920×1080 3013kbps x265 deef).mkv

Format Matroska

Format version Version 4

File size 550 MiB

Duration 24 min 56 s

Overall bit rate 3 086 kbs

Encoded date UTC 2021-05-01 162617

Writing application HandBrake 1.3.3 2020061300

Writing library Lavf58.29.100

ErrorDetectionType Per level 1


ID 1

Format HEVC

FormatInfo High Efficiency Video Coding

Format profile [email protected]@Main


Duration 24 min 56 s

Width 1 920 pixels

Height 1 080 pixels

Display aspect ratio 169

Frame rate mode Constant

Frame rate 50.000 FPS

Color space YUV

Chroma subsampling 420

Bit depth 8 bits

Writing library x265 3.2.1+1-b5c86a64bbbe[Windows][GCC 9.2.0][64 bit] 8bit+10bit+12bit

Encoding settings cpuid=1111039 frame-threads=3 numa-pools=12 wpp no-pmode no-pme no-psnr no-ssim log-level=2 input-csp=1 input-res=1920×1080 interlace=0 total-frames=0 level-idc=0 high-tier=1 uhd-bd=0 ref=2 no-allow-non-conformance no-repeat-headers annexb no-aud no-hrd info hash=0 no-temporal-layers open-gop min-keyint=50 keyint=500 gop-lookahead=0 bframes=4 b-adapt=0 b-pyramid bframe-bias=0 rc-lookahead=15 lookahead-slices=6 scenecut=40 radl=0 no-splice no-intra-refresh ctu=64 min-cu-size=8 no-rect no-amp max-tu-size=32 tu-inter-depth=1 tu-intra-depth=1 limit-tu=0 rdoq-level=0 dynamic-rd=0.00 no-ssim-rd signhide no-tskip nr-intra=0 nr-inter=0 no-constrained-intra strong-intra-smoothing max-merge=2 limit-refs=3 no-limit-modes me=1 subme=2 merange=57 temporal-mvp no-hme weightp no-weightb no-analyze-src-pics deblock=00 sao no-sao-non-deblock rd=2 selective-sao=4 early-skip rskip fast-intra no-tskip-fast no-cu-lossless no-b-intra no-splitrd-skip rdpenalty=0 psy-rd=2.00 psy-rdoq=0.00 no-rd-refine no-lossless cbqpoffs=0 crqpoffs=0 rc=crf crf=27.0 qcomp=0.60 qpstep=4 stats-write=0 stats-read=0 ipratio=1.40 pbratio=1.30 aq-mode=2 aq-strength=1.00 cutree zone-count=0 no-strict-cbr qg-size=32 no-rc-grain qpmax=69 qpmin=0 no-const-vbv sar=1 overscan=0 videoformat=5 range=0 colorprim=1 transfer=1 colormatrix=1 chromaloc=0 display-window=0 cll=0,0 min-luma=0 max-luma=255 log2-max-poc-lsb=8 vui-timing-info vui-hrd-info slices=1 no-opt-qp-pps no-opt-ref-list-length-pps no-multi-pass-opt-rps scenecut-bias=0.05 no-opt-cu-delta-qp no-aq-motion no-hdr no-hdr-opt no-dhdr10-opt no-idr-recovery-sei analysis-reuse-level=5 scale-factor=0 refine-intra=0 refine-inter=0 refine-mv=1 refine-ctu-distortion=0 no-limit-sao ctu-info=0 no-lowpass-dct refine-analysis-type=0 copy-pic=1 max-ausize-factor=1.0 no-dynamic-refine no-single-sei no-hevc-aq no-svt no-field qp-adaptation-range=1.00

Default Yes

Forced No

Color range Limited

Color primaries BT.709

Transfer characteristics BT.709

Matrix coefficients BT.709


ID 2

Format AAC LC

FormatInfo Advanced Audio Codec Low Complexity

Codec ID A_AAC-2

Duration 24 min 56 s

Channel(s) 2 channels

Channel layout L R

Sampling rate 48.0 kHz

Frame rate 46.875 FPS (1024 SPF)

Compression mode Lossy

Title Stereo

Default Yes

Forced No

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MotoGP 2021 – Round 04 – SpanDownload Torrent Magnet

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