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MORTAL KOMBAT S02 History E20 Twisted Evil

Across the world our greatest warriors prepare for battle, but they have no idea what they’re up against.

Every generation, legendary warriors from their respective clans are chosen,

chosen for battle… chosen for
Mortal Kombat !

But a strong evil lurks in the shadows, determined to destroy Earths mightiest warriors before the Great Tournament begins,

for five centuries Earths defenders have bravely fought for the Earth, and to defend the realm against evil,

and now the critical point has finally been reached !

For 9 tournaments in a row, Earthrealms defenders have fought and died – and lost…
Now In this tenth battle, our enemy grows desperate, knowing that if he loses this tournament…

he will have to wait half a century to restart his mission of conquest.

He will stop at nothing to secure his victory in this final battle…

For centuries there have been those who wait in the shadows, waiting for their time to come,

will they finally step forth and save Earthrealm from this monster,

or will his underhanded tactics get the better of even our greatest champions

Mortal Kombat S02 History E20Download Torrent Magnet

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