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Martin Ritt – Hombre (1967) [DVD9 PAL]

Original title Hombre

Country of manufacture United States of America

Year 1967

Duration 111 min

DeLuxe technical data

Western, dramatic genre

Directed by Martin Ritt

Subject Elmore Leonard

Screenplay Irving Ravetch and Harriet Frank Jr.

Producer 20th Century Fox

Italian distribution 20th Century Fox (1967)

Photograph James Wong Howe

Editing Frank Bracht

Music David Rose

Interpreters and characters

Paul Newman: John Russell

Fredric March: Alexander Favor

Richard Boone: Cicero Grimes

Diane Cilento: Jessie Brown

Cameron Mitchell: Frank Braden

Barbara Rush: Audra Favor

Peter Lazer: Billy Lee Blake

Margaret Blye: Doris Blake

Martin Balsam: Henry Mendez

David Canary: Lamar Dean

Val Avery: Delgado

Skip Ward: Steve Early

Larry Ward: soldier

Frank Silvera: Mexican bandit

Language: English Italian French Spanish German

Subtitles: English Italian French Spanish Dutch Greek German

Hombre is a 1967 US film directed by Martin Ritt and based on a short story by Elmore Leonard.

“Unusual (and successful) psychological western and liberal … The interpretation that Newman is able to give is perfect”

Martin Ritt – Hombre (1967) [Download Torrent Magnet

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