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Made in Italy (2018) [DVD9 PAL]

Country of production Italy

Year 2018

Duration 98 min

Ratio 1.85: 1

Comedy, drama genre

Directed by Luciano Ligabue

Made in Italy subject (disc)

Screenplay Luciano Ligabue

Producer Domenico Procacci

Medusa Film production company, Fandango

Distribution in Italian Medusa Film

Photography Marco Bassano

Music by Luciano Ligabue

Interpreters and characters

Stefano Accorsi: Riko

Francesco Colella: Elia Rebecchi

Silvia Corradin: Livia

Filippo Dino: Matteo

Giuseppe Gaiani: Riko’s father

Alessia Giuliani: Angela

Gianluca Gobbi: Patrizio

Jefferson Jeyaseelan: Pavak

Naya Manson: Farah, Pavak’s wife

Filippo Pagotto: Rome journalist

Leonardo Santini: At

Kasia Smutniak: Sara

Ettore Nicoletti: Arturo Crotti

Fausto Maria Sciarappa: Paolo Carnevale

Tobia De Angelis: Pietro

Walter Leonardi: Max

Sara Magalotti: Carla

Lorenzo Pedrotti: Mattia

Marina Crialesi: Miriam

Language Italian

Sub: Italian, English

Made in Italy is a 2018 film written and directed by Luciano Ligabue. Third direction of the Emilian singer-songwriter, it is played by Stefano Accorsi and Kasia Smutniak.

The film is inspired by the album of the same name, released in November 2016 and composed of 14 songs linked together (concept disc), with the character of Riko at the center, defined by Ligabue as his alter ego: “one of the lives that I could have had if I hadn’t become a singer ”

Riko is 50 years old, he was born and raised in an Emilian town, he is a worker in the salami factory where his father worked, and he married Sara, a hairdresser, very young. He is an honest man and lives on a job he did not choose, in the family home that he can barely keep. Even if he leads a pre-established life, following the dictates of society, he can count on a group of real friends and on a wife and family that, through thick and thin, he has always loved. His son is the first in the family to go to university. Riko, however, is also a very angry man with his time, which seems marked only by tail swings and false starts. When he loses the few certainties with which he had managed to get by, the bubble in which he lives breaks and Riko understands that he must take hold of his present and start over, in one way or another, and not give it up in the course of time. .

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