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L’eta’ del dubbio (2011) [DVD9 PAL]

Taken from The Age of Doubt

Directed by: Alberto Sironi

Written by: Andrea Camilleri, Francesco Bruni, Salvatore De Mola

Original title Inspector Montalbano

Country Italy

Year 1999 – in production

TV series format

Yellow, detective genre

Seasons 15

Episodes 37

Duration 100 min (episode)

Original language Italian, Sicilian

16: 9 ratio

Creator Andrea Camilleri

Interpreters and characters

Luca Zingaretti: Salvo Montalbano

Cesare Bocci: Mimì Augello

Peppino Mazzotta: Giuseppe Fazio

Angelo Russo: Agatino Catarella

Isabell Sollman: Ingrid Sjöström

Davide Lo Verde: Galluzzo

Marcello Perracchio: Dr. Pasquano

Roberto Nobile: Nicolò Zito

Katharina Böhm: Livia Burlando (st. 1-8)

Lina Perned: Livia Burlando (st. 9)

Sonia Bergamasco: Livia Burlando (st.10+)

Other interpreters: Isabella Ragonese (Ten. Laura Belladonna), Ana Caterina Morariu (Roberta Rollo / Vanna Di Giulio), Caterina Vertova (Livia Giovannini), Paolo Gasparini (Mario Di Giulio), Pino Torcasio (Mr. Scimè)

Audio: Italian Dolby Digital 5.1

Subtitles: Italian for the hearing impaired

Inspector Montalbano has a dream that is both tragic and ridiculous but which reveals how the two fixed thoughts of recent years also accompany him in his sleep: the idea of ??death and his relationship with Livia. In the dream his funeral is taking place and that he is dead, Catarella himself announces it to him, who is usually entrusted with this funeral communication of the slain dead which must be investigated. The funeral ceremony is attended by the usual supporting actors of the police investigations: Dr. Pasquano who, as usual, gruffly refuses to give details about the dead man before having performed the autopsy, Mr. Commissioner Bonetti-Alderighi who does not authorize Montalbano to investigate his own death , his friend Mimì Augello. They are all there but the one who should be the first to be present at the funeral is missing: his girlfriend Livia who, reached by telephone by the irritated deceased, announces that perhaps he will not have time to intervene and that, to be honest, she will take advantage of his death , of this unique opportunity, to feel free from a relationship that dragged on wearily. The loud noise that wakes Montalbano is caused by the storm that shakes the sea until it touches the terrace of his house. The sea and the port of Vigata now become protagonists in the background of the new Montalbano investigation which concerns two boats moored side by side: a powerful motorboat and the “Vanna”, a luxurious yacht whose crew found a dinghy at sea with a man who died of poisoning on board. Suspicious Montalbano will ask for the collaboration in the investigation of an officer of the harbor master’s office: Laura, a beautiful and intelligent young woman who will make the commissioner lose the compass who will fall in love, fortunately and unexpectedly in love again, like a passionate and jealous teenager struck by the classic lightning strike .

L’eta’ del dubbio (2011) [DVDDownload Torrent Magnet

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