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Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon – DanMachi Season 3 Episode 6

Audio: Japanese

Subtitles: English

Resolution: 1920×1080 px

Format: mp4

Video Codec: H.264 (Constrained Baseline Profile)

Audio Codec: MPEG-4 AAC

Episode 6 (31) – Knossos (Man-Made Labyrinth):

The Xenos strike down one of the members of the Ikaros Familia and learn of the entrance to their hideout. Bell meets Lyd, one of his Xenos friends and learn that Weine was captured by the poachers. Lyu approaches Bell attempting to dissuade him, but he refuses and she gives him a pouch with some items to help him. Upon meeting Fels, Bell starts looking for a way to find the secret entrance when one of the items Lyu gave him reacts, opening it. Meanwhile, the rest of the Hestia Familia wonders how can help Bell when Liliruca deduces that Zanis may have some information about it and confronts him, while Hermes inquires Ikaros about his involvement with Evilus, a sect of rogue gods that opposes the Guild. Both end up learning that the Ikaros Familia is led by descendants of Daedalus, a famous architect who helped with the foundation of Orario. Bell confronts the leader of the Ikaros Famila, Dix Perdix, who reveals that all of their illegal activites were only for the sake of gatheing funds to continue the task forced on with a curse by his ancestor to finish the construction of Knossos, a man-made labyrinth conceived to rival the dungeon in grandiosity. Dix uses a curse to turn the Xenos against each other, and Bell learns that the only way to stop them is by defeating him. Despite their level difference, Bell fights Dix.

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