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Movie rated R in North America (IMDB info) and Age 16+ for Germany audiences (caveat explicit oral sex scene and more)

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this movie for those of us that dearly love Meg Ryan as among the most christianly beauty there is

to be fond of womenfolk on the planet can only shake our heard at what some script-writing

fellas get up to in what they imagine could be allowed of any fella to act towards or deal with our
own gal as scripted as in this sad tale. At one point when she comes close to becoming dangerously assaulted
sexually and no doubt otherwise by the seeming menacing type as is cast extremely, she is scripted to actually

reject police involvement even though it may have just saved her life, as she feels that much hatred in what

she is experiencing from the cop as we see so cruelly at the end – although she manages to walk from the end

encounter I have to tell you, although in a state of trauma which seems to have plagued her entire life

seeming to be unable to find any decent source of support love and comfort from a fella who might

instead deserve her instead – in what seems like a desolate search at the moment it would appear – pending a fix

we must provide in whatever there is left in what the best of humanity could come through with, making
whatever changes are required in the psyche of men and the understanding of women and men as to what

actually is a meeting ground basis on which it can be made to work with real sanity awakened for all involved

so as to make life worthwhile. Other than loving our womenfolk with merit, I say, there is no other purpose

in life for which men normally made with romantic and chivalrous idealism at the core could imagine

living for instead.

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In The Cut (2003) Meg Ryan 21Download Torrent Magnet

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