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Il sorriso di Angelica (2013) [DVD9 PAL]

Taken from Angelica’s smile

Directed by: Alberto Sironi

Written by: Andrea Camilleri, Francesco Bruni, Salvatore De Mola

Original title Inspector Montalbano

Country Italy

Year 1999 – in production

TV series format

Yellow, detective genre

Seasons 15

Episodes 37

Duration 100 min (episode)

Original language Italian, Sicilian

Ratio 16: 9

Creator Andrea Camilleri

Interpreters and characters

Luca Zingaretti: Salvo Montalbano

Cesare Bocci: Mimì Augello

Peppino Mazzotta: Giuseppe Fazio

Angelo Russo: Agatino Catarella

Isabell Sollman: Ingrid Sjöström

Davide Lo Verde: Galluzzo

Marcello Perracchio: Dr. Pasquano

Roberto Nobile: Nicolò Zito

Katharina Böhm: Livia Burlando (st. 1-8)

Lina Perned: Livia Burlando (st. 9)

Sonia Bergamasco: Livia Burlando (st.10+)

Other performers: Margareth Madè (Angelica Cosulich), Lina Perned (Livia Burlando), Luciano Miele (Mr. Pirrea), Hamza Choukri (François)

Audio: Italian Dolby Digital 2.0

Subtitles: Italian for the hearing impaired

During one night the seaside house and the villa of the spouses Carlo and Caterina Peritore are robbed; the affluent couple had been put to sleep with gas, so that the thieves could calmly steal the objects in the house and the keys to the cottage. Montalbano senses that the thieves must have known all the habits of the victims and is easily able to connect to this another theft just days ago, in the same way, by the Lojacono spouses. Investigating, it turns out that the two victims are acquaintances and part of a close circle of friends, who could, therefore, all be potential victims. The thieves do not seem to be local but, in any case, the excellent organization certainly needs a basista, who is certainly also the leader of the gang and who, through an anonymous letter, launches a real challenge to the commissioner. In fact, the robberies continue. This time it is Angelica Cosulich, a manager of the local bank, who Montalbano is delighted with. In a moment of crisis with his Livia, a crisis due to the atrocious suspicion of her betrayal towards him, the young woman reminds him of the futile youthful infatuation for Angelica, the protagonist of Orlando furioso, the work of Ludovico Ariosto, and Montalbano, realizing that the young woman also reciprocates his interest, will find himself facing an inner crisis from which he will emerge victorious with difficulty. The Commissioner and his colleagues draw up a list of possible future victims: while guarding one of the suspicious houses, they almost let the thieves escape after a shooting. The circle of possible culprits narrows, and suspicions are concentrated around some friends belonging to this elite of wealthy people. In the meantime, a corpse is found, and after this it is learned that the instigator of the thefts has decided to go and rob the house of his own friends. The reason goes far beyond the act of seizing the stolen goods: the suspect and loan shark Pierrera is found suicidal and his killing is revealed to be linked to the other facts. Investigations will reveal that Angelica’s parents had died many years earlier following the failure to return a large sum of money and that the one who blackmailed them was Pierrera. Angelica and her cousin then, aided by some accomplices, have engineered the series of thefts to cover their true intent, that of stealing from Pierrera the documentation relating to his activity as a loan shark and therefore to frame him. The woman, however, after having repented of her gesture, will risk her life.

Il sorriso di Angelica (2013)Download Torrent Magnet

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