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Il gioco degli specchi (2013) [DVD9 PAL]

Taken from The game of mirrors

Directed by: Alberto Sironi

Written by: Andrea Camilleri, Francesco Bruni, Salvatore De Mola

Original title Inspector Montalbano

Country Italy

Year 1999 – in production

TV series format

Yellow, detective genre

Seasons 15

Episodes 37

Duration 100 min (episode)

Original language Italian, Sicilian

16: 9 ratio

Creator Andrea Camilleri

Interpreters and characters

Luca Zingaretti: Salvo Montalbano

Cesare Bocci: Mimì Augello

Peppino Mazzotta: Giuseppe Fazio

Angelo Russo: Agatino Catarella

Isabell Sollman: Ingrid Sjöström

Davide Lo Verde: Galluzzo

Marcello Perracchio: Dr. Pasquano

Roberto Nobile: Nicolò Zito

Katharina Böhm: Livia Burlando (st. 1-8)

Lina Perned: Livia Burlando (st. 9)

Sonia Bergamasco: Livia Burlando (st.10+)

Other performers: Barbora Bobu? Ová (Liliana Lombardo), Andrea Renzi (Adriano Lombardo), Giuseppe Di Maura (Melluso), Agata Juvara (Concetta Arnone), Aldo Mangiù (Commander of the Firemen), Fabio Costanzo (Pasquale)

Audio: Italian Dolby Digital 2.0

Subtitles: Italian for the hearing impaired

The quiet Vigata is shaken by the explosion of a paper bomb, detonated in front of an empty warehouse. A warning is immediately thought of but Inspector Montalbano does not find the reasons. The owner, a certain Angelino Arnone, denies being the recipient of this warning, but returns to the police station, a few days later, with a threatening letter that denies his theses. Sensing the attempted misdirection, the inspector turns his attention to the two tenants of the house located near the warehouse. One is Carlo Nicotra, a convict and big shot of the Sinagra clan, for whom the warnings should not have been due, being the boss, and the other, Stefano Tallarita, a drug dealer in the service of Nicotra himself, in prison to serve a sentence . With the help of Pasquale, Adelina’s son, Montalbano realizes that the recipient of the attack could be Stefano’s son, Arturo Tallarita, in retaliation for the rumors that circulate about his father’s alleged collaboration with the police. But this too will turn out to be a red herring. Meanwhile, the commissioner finds himself grappling with another mystery. Rescuing a neighbor who has been stranded, Liliana Lombardo, wife of a computer engineer, representative of a large industry in the sector, discovers that her car has been sabotaged and decides to accompany her to work every day to keep an eye on it and understand. what lies behind this matter. Lombardo accuses an ex-lover, who uses these scars for childishness, but Montalbano realizes that the relationship between the two is still in existence and discovers that Liliana’s lover is Arturo, son of Stefano Tallarita. Therefore, both cases are connected and Montalbano begins to draw the sums, also reconstructing that the cartridge case found in the door of his car had not ended up there following a firefight, but had been addressed to Lombardo, in one of their trips. Coming back home.

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