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Don’t Look Now 1973.

Unable to come to terms with the untimely demise of their little daughter, and the
silent undercurrent of insufferable guilt, John Baxter and his wife, Laura, relocate
to cold, winter Venice, in Italy. There, against the backdrop of an endless spate of
horrifying murders in the city’s meandering canals, John uses his work, the
restoration of an old chapel, to channel his suppressed grief, while Laura resorts
to taking pills. Then, a chance encounter with the cryptic siblings, the blind
psychic, Heather, and Wendy, her eccentric sister, triggers eerie visions of the
beloved deceased, while in the meantime, a sinister figure in a glossy red anorak
terrorises the dark back alleys of the now-off-season town. Could the mysterious
sisters be telling the truth? Is sceptic John’s life, indeed, in grave danger?


=>-Julie Christie : Laura Baxter.

=>-Donald Sutherland : John Baxter.

=>-Hilary Mason : Heather.

=>-Clelia Matania : Wendy.

=>-Massimo Serato : Bishop Barbarrigo.


=>-Nicolas Roeg.


=>-Genre : Horror : Mystery : Thriller : Classic.

=>-Languages : English : Russian.

=>-Release Dates : 1973.

=>-Chapters : 12.

=>-File Size : 1.46 GiB.

=>-Overall bit rate : 1 893 kbps.

=>-Movie Runtime : 1h 50min.


=>-Codec : H.264/MPEG-4 AVC.

=>-Aspect Ratio : 1.85:1.

=>-Resolution : 1 280 x 688.

=>-Bit rate : 1 444 kbps.

Audio 1 English.

=>-Codec : mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC.
=>-Channels : Mono.

=>-Bit Rate : 112 kbps.

=>-Bit rate mode : Constant.

Audio 2 English.

=>-Codec : Digital Audio Compression AC-3.

=>-Channels : Mono.

=>-Bit Rate : 320 kbps.

=>-Bit rate mode : Constant.

Subtitles – Softsubbed : SubRip : XML.






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