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Portuguese Romanian Spanish Swedish Turkish (check the net for more – FGT etc version subs worked just fine)

This movie shows the disastrous cost to lives and health of American personnel

sent mindlessly into Somalia to get involved in tribal feuds there during the Clinton

administrations tenure in fact.

Graphic scenes of cruelty being inflicted in ghastly attacks and related injuries

while on the ground. (Why not handle it all from the air for crissakes)

Interestingly, the American commander justifies the American casualties

saying 300,000 killed of the local inhabitants was seeming like genocide being inflicted

by the warlord the Americans were targeting there for war crimes.

Genocide? Where was that attitude while a million Iraqi folks died from Bush led

sanctions for crissakes! British MP Sir George Galloway points that out as

“infanticide masquerading as policy” and is more rightly seen to be genocide as ISIS

replaced much of the human spirit on our TV screens of what we see from there
all too often.

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Alternative torrent: (1080p) (640k 6ch ENG-ITA-FRE) plus 4608k LPCM English

Black Hawk Down (2001) 4K UHDDownload Torrent Magnet

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