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Alfred Hitchcok – Sabotatori (1942) [DVD9 PAL]

Original title Saboteur

Country of manufacture United States of America

Year 1942

Duration 108 min

Technical data B / N

Thriller genre, sentimental

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Subject Alfred Hitchcock

Screenplay Peter Viertel and Joan Harrison

Language: English Spanish Italian

Subtitles: English Spanish Italian Portuguese

Interpreters and characters

Priscilla Lane: Patricia Martin

Robert Cummings: Barry Kane

Norman Lloyd: Frank Fry

Otto Kruger: Charles Tobin

Alan Baxter: Mr. Freeman

Clem Bevans: Neilson

Alma Kruger: Henrietta Sutton

Vaughan Glaser: Phillip Martin

Dorothy Peterson: Mason

Ian Wolfe: Robert

Murray Alper: Mac

Kathryn Adams: Mrs. Brown

Pedro de Cordoba: Pelleossa

Billy Curtis: Bruscolo (the Major)

Marie LeDeaux: Titania

Jean Trent: worker

Saboteurs (Saboteur) is a 1942 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Unjustly accused of sabotage in a factory where he works, Barry Kane manages to escape the police to hunt down the real saboteur, a certain Fry.

While on the run, Kane finds himself in the hut of a blind man, who introduces him to his niece, Patricia Martin; initially the woman pretends to trust him, but later tries to take him to the police. However, Patricia soon becomes convinced of Kane’s innocence.

The two chase the real saboteur; transported by a caravan loaded with circus performers they arrive in an uninhabited salt city and, later, to a benefit party in a wealthy New York house, to finally reach the top of the Statue of Liberty. Despite the protagonist’s efforts to help him, the culprit will fall on deaf ears, but at least Barry will manage to prove his innocence.

This is another subject with which Hithcock wants to put his talent at the service of the fight against Nazism: while he was working on the film, the attack on Pearl Harbor took place that forced the US to go to war.

Alfred Hitchcok – Sabotatori Download Torrent Magnet

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