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Alfred Hitchcok – Numero 17 (1932) [DVD5 PAL]

Country of manufacture United Kingdom

Year 1932

Duration 63 min

Technical data B / N

Drama genre, thriller

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Subject Joseph Jefferson Farjeon

Interpreters and characters

Leon M. Lion: Ben, the bum

Anne Gray: Nora, the fake deaf mute

John Stuart: Gilbert Barton, the detective

Donald Calthrop: Brant, a thief

Barry Jones: Henry Doyle, the fake nephew

Ann Casson: Rose Ackroyd

Henry Caine: Mr Ackroyd, the policeman

Garry Marsh: Sheldrake, the gang leader

Herbert Langley: Guard on the train

Number Seventeen (Number Seventeen) is a 1932 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

The subject of the film is based on a comedy, itself inspired by a novel by Joseph Jefferson Farjeon. It was the production house that imposed it on Hitchcock who, once again forced to make a film he hadn’t chosen (he wanted to make the film version of John Druten’s London Wall that the producers entrusted to another director) and judging the drama ” a mass of stereotypes “he thought of taking revenge by making a parody of a detective film.

Alfred Hitchcok – Numero 17 (Download Torrent Magnet

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