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Alfred Hitchcok – Il Delitto Perfetto (1955) [DVD9 PAL]

Original title Dial M for Murder

Original language English

Country of manufacture United States of America

Year 1954

Duration 105 min

Warnercolor technical data

ratio: 1.37: 1

Kind yellow

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Subject from the play by Frederick Knott

Screenplay Frederick Knott

Producer Alfred Hitchcock (uncredited)

Interpreters and characters

Ray Milland: Tony Wendice

Grace Kelly: Margot Mary Wendice

Robert Cummings: Mark Halliday

John Williams: Chief Inspector Hubbard

Anthony Dawson: Charles Alexander Swann

Leo Britt: narrator at the reception

Patrick Allen: Detective Pearson

George Leigh: Detective Williams

George Alderson: detective

Robin Hughes: police sergeant

Language: English French Italian Spanish

Subtitles: English French Italian Portuguese Spanish

Dial M for Murder is a 1954 thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, originally released in stereoscopic format.

The film was originally shot in stereoscopic format, to counter the nascent popularity of television. The three-dimensional cinema, considered with distrust by the director, had in fact a first and short period of popularity around the mid-50s of the twentieth century, running out within a couple of years. Hitchcock used it subtly, avoiding excessive effects: he merely emphasized the relief with low-angle shots and had purposely built a hole so that the camera was level with the floor.

Alfred Hitchcok – Il Delitto Download Torrent Magnet

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