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Alfred Hitchcok – Giunone e il Pavone (1930) [DVD5 PAL]

Original title Juno and the Paycock

Country of manufacture United Kingdom

Year 1930

Duration 85 min

Technical data B / N


Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Interpreters and characters

Barry Fitzgerald: Speaker

Maire O’Neill: Mrs Madigan

Edward Chapman: Captain Boyle aka “The Peacock”

Sidney Morgan: “Joxer” Daly

Sara Allgood: Mrs Boyle – “Juno”

John Laurie: Johnny Boyle

Dave Morris: Jerry Devine

Kathleen O’Regan: Mary Boyle

John Longden: Charles Bentham

Dennis Wyndham: The Mobilizer

Fred Schwartz: Mr Kelly

Donald Calthrop: Needle Nugent

Juno and the Paycock is a 1930 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock.


Ireland, Dublin. Period of the struggle for independence. The protagonist is the Boyle family, very poor. The setting is all in a closed place, the peacock’s house; the head of the family, who also calls himself captain, despite having never been on a ship, is actually unemployed and braggart (hence the nickname). Juno, the wife, is a Junoesque and authoritarian woman, but sensible and down to earth unlike her husband; then there is Johnny, who has lost an arm in the war for his homeland, and Mary, the young and pretty youngest daughter. The story revolves around the issues raised by failure to obtain an inheritance. A lawyer Charlie Bentham warns the family of an imminent inheritance, but while the wife is cautious and suspicious, the husband behaves as if he already had this wealth available, makes expensive purchases, leaves his friend Joxer with whom he spent long days at the pub . The inheritance does not exist and the daughter finds herself pregnant with the lawyer who abandons her. Son Johnny is accused of being a spy and will be killed. The Boyle’s find themselves in complete ruin and have to leave even the miserable home.

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